A work in progress

Community Diners is a work in progress. From our humble beginnings more than 15 years ago, we have evolved into providing services to 9 different health facilities, ensuring that more than 1100 meals a prepared and delivered on a daily basis. We have committed catering personnel who not only excel in their core business of catering, but who have a passion to coach and oversee our service users who enthusiastically partake in the preparation process.

Innovation and creativity

Budget constraints are a major factor we have to deal with on a daily basis. Companies providing perishable and dry food products are welcomed in order to remain within the stringent budget of the client.

Getting involved

Please note that although we welcome all donations and support, we appreciate if perishable and non perishable food donations are in a good consumable condition. We may in some instances be able to collect donations in kind from you subject to availability of transport.

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How we came into being:

In 1994 the founder of Community Diners, Roy Harris, contracted with a professional catering company to provide catering services for their mental health facilities.

The mental health organisation later pursued a strict model of 'resident participation' for those institutionalised patients who had a long-term psychiatric diagnosis but were obviously not bedridden, geriatric clients or severe and profound intellectually disabled.

With a passion for food and having been involved in catering in his younger years, Roy embarked on a mission to establish Community Diners, tailor made to suit the current needs and challenges of the organisation.

Why we still exist:

Support staff from the client and even service users and patients at the mental health facilities assist us in all phases of food preparation, which adds to the uniqueness of the services we provide. The culmination of a service model where residents are included in the preparation of the food sets us apart from the traditional model of business. This way residents and patients in the mental health facilities are involved in the business which has a therapeutic advantage for them and a cost saving factor for the client.

Preferred Suppliers:

We have a longstanding relationship with most of our suppliers, who understand that we are budget driven but without the option of compromising on quality and nutritional value. We are grateful to most of these companies who not only have a contractual relationship with us, but also a passion for community upliftment and social responsibility.

Send us your ideas or opinions to martin@communitydiners.org.za and we will gladly respond.